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The Mighty DnB Network, created by Noughty 90's has been specifically designed to allow anyone in the Drum & Bass scene to build a new fan base without algorithms that restrict organic reach.

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Get started by setting up your profile, writing a little about yourself, add your social media links, speciality & location so others located near you can connect with you.


Easily connect with people in the same speciality & location as you. This can be really powerful for linking up in person, collaborate with or just to simply chat online.

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Keep it personal by chatting via 121 chat! Fire up new conversations with like minded DnB heads.


When you create a post you have the option to add a topic (hash tag). Who ever is following your chosen topic will be more likely to see your post in their newsfeed, whether you are connected or not. We feel this is really powerful.

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Within the Mighty DnB Network you can create your own groups, whether it be for your fans, record label, event etc. You can notify all your members when you post and open up a live group chat.

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